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09.06.2011 · By Tarp Guy

Sandpit Cover - measure and fit instruction video

Help to measure and fit a children's sandpit cover

Don't know how to measure or fit your PVC Sandpit Cover? Well this handy little video will tell you everything you need to know.

We at Cunningham Covers love to help our customers every step of the way so we decided to to produce this tutorial. A Cunningham Covers sandpit cover can be made in any shape, size or colour so the only limit is your imagination. It's not much fun for children playing in wet soggy old sand. A fitted cover is a great way to keep the sand dry and from washing away. As soon as the rain has stoppped the kids can go out immediately and play in the dry sand. We regularly make sandpit covers for primary schools throughout the UK and Ireland.

Formed in the shape of a shoebox lid, when fitted look really neat. Made to measure to your exact specification, with eyelets and bungee cord.

Sandpit Cover Enquiry

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