Rain, hail or snow a Cunningham curtainside always stands out ahead of the pack.

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16.01.2015 · By Peter Smith

Curtainsides in the snow.

Rain, hail or snow a Cunningham curtainside always stands out ahead of the pack.

This is just one trailer from a full fleet of curtains manufactured for Camden frames.  We don't compromise on quality and this is vital when it comes to trailer advertising due to the abuse these curtainsides get out on the road.


Cunningham, of course, is already a widely respected and established brand, not least in the haulage sector and the fact its side curtains are manufactured to the highest of standards, such as those required by EN 12641-2, is much appreciated by operators not just throughout the UK and Ireland, but across the whole of Europe and beyond.

Cunningham’s Trevor Hamilton, a familiar face in the transport industry for many years, says that it is only now that many operators are becoming aware of EN 12641-2.

“This legislation, for example, requires a certain material specification to be used in the manufacture of side curtains and that has always been a standard in the Cunningham process,” says Trevor.

Other requirements of EN 12641-2 state that vertical belt strength must be to 2.3 tonne, while horizontal belt strength has to be 1.2 tonne, with vertical and horizontal belt spacing a minimum of 600m. Stainless steel positive locking buckles also have to be used, and curtains must display a badge showing the date of manufacture and the curtain manufacturer.

Call Trevor now on +44 (0)28 7964 2638  or fill out an enquiry online.  We'd be delighted to hear from you and will do our best to help.



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