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Do you need a clever protective cover?
Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers
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Cunninghams Cover Naas Ball for Brigid 1500

The Naas Ball is a local stand-out landmark at the heart of the M7 motorway, visible to everyone travelling East to West. Appropriately named by the artists Remco de Fouw and Rachael Joynt as ‘Perpetual Motion’, it was originally commissioned in 1996. It sure is rolling with the times!


Cunninghams, only a ‘stones throw away’ in Maudlins Industrial Estate, were delighted to be contracted by Kildare County Council to dress the iconic Naas Ball which is seen by thousands on their daily travels.

Kildare County Council annual Brigid 1500 hosts a programme of events across the county during January and February, celebrating the legacy of St. Brigid. The Brigid 1500 wrap on the Naas ball was specially commissioned by the council as a main focal point in this year’s events.

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Cunningham Covers Team measuring Naas Ball for fitting Bespoke City Dressing

Our experienced team at Cunninghams were tasked with manufacturing a cover suitable for this unique spherical structure. Nothing too big of a task for the Cunningham team, they got to work with measuring and developing a plan for the fitting of this printed wrap.

The logo for Brigid 1500 was the focus of the design, printed in-house with our state-of-the-art printing technology onto 274m2 of material. It was made up of multiple sections which were then high frequency welded together into one giant cover. The team set out in the early hours of Friday 12th January and had it fitted in one piece the same day, using lifts from our good friends at Height Platforms in Naas Industrial Estate.

Cunningham Cover Team fitting City Dressing for Naas BallCunningham Cover fitted City Dressing Cover for Naas Ball

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Due to the bespoke nature of our manufacturing capabilities, we are able to create ‘Clever Protective Covers’ for any structures, based on dimensions and needs. Previously, Cunninghams created a city dressing for a derelict structure in Nigeria which was commissioned to brighten up the space. This particular cover was made of mesh and was 100m in circumference and 21 metres in height.

City Dressing for Derelict Structure in Nigeria

No job too obscure for the Cunningham Team, so if you have a project you would like wrapped up, get in touch for our expert technical advice.

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