We all love the BBQ in the summer, so why not keep it going in winter?

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Improving lives through the manufacture of Clever Protective Covers

11.02.2015 · By Peter Smith

BBQ in the winter, made easy with Cunningham side panels.

We all love the BBQ when the summer is at it's best, but we really can miss it during the winter. If you still crave the unique smell of the coals when it's bitterly cold outside, then Cunningham provide just the right solution for you... Outdoor side panels!

Outdoor side panels

Our side panels have proved extremely popular all year round providing a clean, dry and warm environment for eating your delicious steak and chicken outdoors!  These panels can be made exactly to your requirements, different shapes, sizes, colours and even roll-up doors.  This customer below loves the protection the panels give them.


Interior view of decking space

The panels are easily installed onto your existing frame work as you can see below.  Without the protection, this customer simply couldn't stay outside so long  enabling him to enjoy the outdoors for longer even when the nights get shorter.   Feel free to email us with a photo of your frame which will help us provide you with a more accurate quotation.

pergola-side-panels garden-side-panels

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